Rigor and the Common Core State Standards

At the heart of the new Common Core State Standards is a focus on higher expectations.  One of the major reasons for a push for the standards was the lack of rigor in many schools today, as well as the need to better prepare students for college and the workforce. But we cannot assume that simply adopting the standards provides a rigorous environment for students.  Rigor is more than what you teach, it’s how you teach, and how students show you they understand content. 


The CCSS are an excellent foundation for increasing rigor in your classroom; however, there are other integral aspects to consider. The resources below provide information and practical examples of instructional aspects of rigor, which is a critical element of increased expectations and new levels of challenge in the classroom.


I just attended your NASSP sponsored webinar and I wanted to thank you for sharing your insights. So much has been written and discussed about what  the CCSS are but I have seen/read/heard very little about how to build the culture to incorporate them. I found your information to be very informative with lots of great examples. I'm looking forward to visiting your website and exploring. Thank you in advance for the resources you have so generously shared.--Debbie Gates


Barbara provides video chats, webinars, and on-site presentations for teachers and leaders related to incorporating rigorous instructional strategies for the Common Core Standards.  Please feel free to contact her for more information.


Resources Related to the Common Core

Correlation of CCSS to Rigor is NOT a Four Letter Word
Rigor Not 4 Letter Correlation.pdf
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Correlation of CCSS to Rigor Made Easy
RigorMadeEasy_CCSS correlation table cop[...]
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Pro Principal: Common Core and Literacy Skills
Pro Principal Common Core and Literacy.p[...]
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Study: States Embracing the Common Core State Standards
Study CCSS.pdf
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