Free Resources for Providing Your Own PD

Do you have limited funding in your school or district?  On this page you will find an article about low-cost professional development options.


If you are interested in rigor, you'll also find several white papers you may use to prompt discussions in your school or district.  


There are also over 100 additional resources throughout my website.  Please feel free to explore and find something that meets your needs.  For all the resources, you have copyright permissin to use them for educational purposes. 

Four Low Cost Professional Development Activities
If you are in a situation with limited resources, this white paper provides some strategies to provide high quality professional development without high costs.
Four Professional Development Activities[...]
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White Papers to Support PD on Rigor

Rigor: Myths or Reality?
This white paper discusses the myths and misconceptions related to rigor, as well as explaining what rigor really is.
Rigor Myths or Reality.pdf
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Motivating Students to Higher Levels of Rigor
This white paper discusses the key elements of intrinsic motivation. By activating these, you can help students succeed in a rigorous classroom.
Motivating Students to Higher Levels of [...]
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The Beginner's Guide to Understanding Rigor
In this white paper, we explore the full definition of rigor, with classroom-based examples
The Beginner’s Guide to Understanding Ri[...]
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5 Ways to Increase Rigor in the Classroom
This white paper provides practical, classroom-based rigorous activities for all grade levels and content areas.
5 Ways to Increase Rigor.pdf
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