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Motivating Struggling Learners: 10 Ways to Build Student Success

Motivating struggling learners is a challenge for all of us.  In this podcast, Barbara discusses her newest book of the same title, with a focus on the differences between extrinsic and intrinsic motivation, how to build intrinsic motivation in students, and the characteristics of effective praise.   


Rigor Made Easy

Rigor is a word that sends shivers through many typically because it has been misinterpreted or introduced in a manner which connects it to thoughts of more of everything. In Rigor Made Easy, Barbara addresses Myths about rigor…such as Myth#1… Lots of Homework Is a Sign of Rigor and Myth#2…Rigor Means Doing More. Mainly because it has been misinterpreted or introduced in a manner which connects it to thoughts of more of everything. In Rigor Made Easy, Barbara addresses Myths about rigor…such as Myth#1… Lots of Homework Is a Sign of Rigor and Myth#2…Rigor Means Doing More. 

3 Ways to Use Assessment More Effectively

Assessment is integral to the teaching–learning process, and when done well can facilitate student learning and improved instruction. To provide several strategies for using assessment more effectively to raise student achievement, we’re joined by bestselling author and consultant, Barbara Blackburn. Dr. Blackburn is a nationally recognized expert on rigor and the author of numerous books, including Rigor in Your Classroom: A Toolkit for Teachers. In this segment, she addresses three important topics that school leaders will want to share with their teachers: how to use formative assessment more effectively to adjust instruction; the importance of giving quality assignments that assess what students know; and how teachers can develop a more useful grading policy that is tied directly to the purpose of assessments. 

Rigor in Your Classroom:  A Toolkit for Teachers 

In this short podcast, author Barbara Blackburn discusses her newest book, Rigor in Your Classroom:  A Toolkit for Teachers.  She shares simple strategies to use to increase rigor in every classroom. 

Five Tools for Increasing Rigor in the Classroom

All school leaders understand the importance of increasing rigor in their schools, but what does making classrooms more rigorous really mean? Rigor is not about giving students more work, according to Barbara Blackburn, but means having high expectations for all students and providing support as teachers challenge students to think in more complex ways. Dr. Blackburn is the author of Rigor in Your Classroom: A Toolkit for Teachers and one of the country’s leading authorities on the topic of rigor and student motivation. In this segment, she provides five tools for school leaders to share with their teachers or look for when doing class observations. Provided by the educational website School Leadership Briefing.com.

The Common Core Standards and Rigor

An overlooked aspect of the new CCSS is that while the standards set rigorous benchmarks, their impact on student learning will depend entirely upon their implementation. We cannot assume that simply adopting the Common Core state standards will provide a rigorous environment for students. True rigor, as Dr. Barbara Blackburn explains in this segment, encompasses high expectations for student learning and increased support so students can learn at higher level.

Provided by the educational website School Leadership Briefing.com.

Five Leadership Tools

Barbara Blackburn provides five leadership tools and strategies that can be used immediately to improve your practice and help you become a more effective school leader in this segment. Dr. Blackburn’s ideas are easily executable and based on decades of experience as an educator, professor, and consultant. Among her many books, she is the co-author of The Principalship from A-to-Z.

Barbara Blackburn’s Five Leadership Tools covered in this segment: Name It, Claim It and Explain It; Getting Input From Stakeholders; Vision Letters; Learning Walks With a Twist; and You Really Are An Advocate.

Provided by the educational website School Leadership Briefing.com.

Rigor for Students with Special Needs

The Common Core and updated state standards require a far more rigorous approach to teaching and learning for all students, but as rigor increases in our classrooms, where does this leave our special needs students? Can instruction and learning be rigorous for students with special needs too? We’re joined by Barbara Blackburn and Bradley Witzel, co-authors of the book, Rigor for Students with Special Needs, to talk about the topic and why it’s essential to hold these students to high expectations.

Provided by the educational website School Leadership Briefing.  

Supporting Learners with the Common Core


Barbara Blackburn joins us to talk about some of the issues that the Common Core State Standards raise when it comes to providing support and scaffolding.  Along with the rigor that the new standards bring, there are doing to be gaps that have to be addressed between what is taught now and what teachers wil be expected to teach, as well as the lack of prior knowledge that will impact most students as the new standards are phased in. 

Five Leadership Tools for Increasing Rigor


How can school leaders make higher expectations for all students a reality? It begins with making the classroom a far more rigorous place. Barbara Blackburn, an authority on rigor, joins us to provide her insights into the topic this month. Dr. Blackburn is the author of numerous books, including Rigor in Your School: A Toolkit for Leaders, and in this segment she discusses five specific tools that principals can focus on to increase rigor in the classroom.

EduLeadership Radio


In this podcast from Eduleadership, Barbara discusses the challenges of rigor, the biggest mistakes schools make when increasing rigor, why rigor is not just for honors level students, what's new (and isn't) with rigor and the Common Core, and leadership strategies for rigor.  

BAM Radio with Vicki Davis

3 Myths About Rigor: What It Is, What It’s Not, What It Looks Like in the Classroom.  Barbara asserts that rigor is broadly misunderstood. In this segment she defines what rigor is in theory and in practice. We close by looking at rigor and the Common Core Standards.

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