Customizable Topics Include:

Rigorous Schools and Classrooms: Leading the Way

No matter the issue you are addressing in your school or district, there can be obstacles and challenges.   This session provides a set of practical tools customized to the specific needs of your school or district.  Examples include creating a culture for improvement, building shared ownership, addressing stakeholders’ needs, advocacy, shared accountability, and structures for success.  Audience: School-based Leaders, District Leaders, all grade levels.


Thank you for the leadership session today; very inspiring and very applicable.  First task tomorrow is to print an image of bifocals for my wall to remind me to look through the lens of a student and then a teacher! 


Keren Barro, Victoria, Australia


Dr. Blackburn’s work with my middle school principals around rigor has sharpened their skills to evaluate student and teacher documents and how-to response to the data as an instructional leader-all in a context of fun and fully engaging activities that stimulate a principal’s creative thoughts and critical thinking skills. Dr. Blackburn’s practitioner’s approach to professional develop with principals evokes a “we’re in this together” atmosphere that aligns well with our focus on professional learning communities.


 Greg Benton, Executive Officer, Middle Schools, Henry County Schools, Georgia


A Toolkit for Leaders:  Progress for School Reform

Truly making progress in school reform requires a comprehensive approach.  This session guides leaders through strategies that adress each area that impacts progress, using the COMPASS model:


  • C--Culture of your School
  • O--Ownership and Shared Vision
  • M--Managing Data
  • P--Professional Development
  • A--Advocacy
  • S--Shared Accountability
  • S--Structures to Support Success


Customized Strategic Planning, Coaching, and Evaluation Services

Dr. Blackburn and her team also provide customized sessions for leaders.  Beginning with a needs assessment, the team coordinates with you to develop a strategic plan, implementing, monitoring, and adjusting your plan, and recommending future steps. All leadership support options include written recommendations for change.  Additional options include

  • Assessments of Instruction, which can include reviews of assignments and assessments, on-site walkthroughs and observations, or other specialized choices.
  • School Rigor Assessments, which include a comprehensive perspective of strengths and challenges within your schoool.