Technology Based Options

What Can You Expect?

Why This May Be The Right Solution For You

With today’s technology, professional development can be more powerful than ever.  Barbara is experienced in providing webinars, virtual keynotes, video chats, and online chats.  Ideal for follow-ups to address specific issues, such as assessment, technology options are also practical for today’s limited budgets. Whether you have your own platform or would like us to provide the technology support, Barbara works with you to develop the best solution for your needs.

"As a small school, it is very difficult to bring in someone of your caliber, but our Skype session allowed us to offer first class, interactive professional development at a very affordable price.  For us, this was truly a no-brainer!"

--Paul Russo, Principal

   Lincolnville Central School, Maine


"The webinar on Friday once again (after the Skype) really helped all of us.  One teacher thanked me for having professional development that mattered.  What a compliment! I am hoping that we can keep the partnership going....What we are trying to accomplish here and your professional guidance is so important for our children.  Thanks for what you do!"

--Anita Muse, Principal

   Langston Hughes School, Chicago




Endless Possibilities

  • Skype or video conferencing for keynotes, small group conferencing with teachers from a grade level, subject area, or focus topic.  Perfect for leaders or leadership teams for planning sessions, coaching, or ongoing sessions for monitoring and adjustment of staff development.  Also provides a cost-effective way to provide regular follow-up sessions with core personnel after a train-the-trainer workshop.
  • Focused webinars as an introduction to concepts such as rigor or motivation and student engagement.  Appropriate for teachers, leaders, or a mixed group.
  • Follow-up webinars to on-site presentation, customized to the needs of the school or district.  Excellent as a follow-up for individual schools after a district-wide professional development.
  • Webinar series presented over the course of a year for an ongoing focus on an issue or challenges.
  • Technology participation in book study.
  • Author chats with students or parents.
  • Online chats or facilitation of chats or book studies.


Does It Work?

"Great job on yesterday's webinar. Lots of excellent interaction               and    excellent content."

 --Kelly Tonsmeire, Director 

    Alaska Staff Development Network



Participants' Comments


"Barbara viewed her audience with the intention that we are all different individuals who learn in a variety of ways, she took into consideration visual aids, partner sharing, etc.  Her presentation was practical....and she asked a lot of questions from the audience"


"I liked everything! Dr. Blackburn was a very motivating speaker.  For once somebody was practicing what they preach.  She used all the techniques with us that she suggested we use with our students.  She modeled and gave us time to practice each technique.  Huge kudos!"


"I can't think of anything I don't like about this webinar.  It was well-presented and Barbara showed a lot of empathy and compassion for those of us in education.  It would be so nice if we had more of these types of individuals in our schools today."