Responses to Barbara's keynotes, workshops, projects, and books are amazing! 


  • "Inspiring"
  • "Transforming"
  • "A Teacher's Teacher"
  • "Practical"
  • "Phenomenal"
  • "Leadership tips that will help us maintain momentum."
  • "Gave me ideas I can use tomorrow!"
  • "Barbara's ideas can help us change our school."


These are just some of the phrases used to describe her work.  Whether you are looking for professional development for leaders, teachers, parents, other stakeholders, or a mixed group, she's the perfect answer for your needs. 

You can judge the Barbara's impact by: viewing 3 minute videos.  You can also read what clients and colleagues or participants experience when working along side Barbara? 


What you'll find is a consistent pattern--Barbara is professional, lively, and practical. Although research-based, her ideas aren't theories or pie-in-the-sky ideas. Barbara has stood in a teacher's shoes and sat behind the principal's desk. Her ideas come from the trenches. They are simple, concrete and can be used by first-year teachers or someone who has spent a lifetime improving the lives of students.


Choosing the right book for a study group or the perfect speaker can be both exciting and anxiety-producing.  The insights shown on the tabs to the left should leave you fully confident that your decision will not only meet the needs of your group but exceed everyone's expectations;  that type of decision is what changes schools and builds careers.


Do you have a question or would you discuss a booking?  Or do you have a suggestion or example for upcoming books, let us hear from you?  Do you prefer to stay in touch via social media?  Use any of the buttons on the right.  You begin the conversation!  Barbara will respond to you personally.