Recommendations of Colleagues and Clients



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“Barbara Blackburn is an impassioned writer. Her passion for

children permeates her writing and her workshops. She loves children -

all children - and it shows.”

Franklin Schargel, Author, Eye On Education (colleague)
A colleague who worked directly with Barbara



“Barbara is a phenomenal author and an outstanding presenter.

Anytime you get a chance to see her, don't miss it. She is fun,

engaging, practical, pragmatic, and full of great ideas!!” 
Debbie Silver, C.E.O., Debbie Silver Presents

 A colleague who worked with Barbara


"Rigor" is a key word in teaching today, but, unfortunately,

many are not sure what it means. There have been as many

definitions as there have  been people making them...and none

were complete...until Barbara  emerged on the scene. She is,

without question, the rigor expert! She defines it clearly, states

the critical attributes it must have, and provides hundreds of

lessons that incorporate rigor. Her approach is the perfect blend

of theory and practice. Barbara's book, "Rigor is Not a Four

Lettter Word," should be in every teacher's library. As a

presenter, Barbara, has the same clarity she does as a writer,

and you get her dynamic style as well. She is articulate and                             enthusiastic...and knowledgeable! To

work with Barbara in any capacity, is a true gift.”

Jan Fisher, Trainer, Presenter, Coach, Educational Consulting

Collaborated on project with Barbara



Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative

“Each year teachers gather to begin a brand new school year. They

have been off during the summer and the transition can be hard.

Talladega City Schools was fortunate to have Barbara Blackburn to

help us kick off an awesome school year. She was creative,

knowledgeable, and passionate about the teaching of students.

She touched our teachers' heartstrings and helped them remember

the joys of being an educator. They were ready!”

Patti Thomas, District Office, Talladega City Schools, Alabama

Hired Barbara for keynote presentation



Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

“Barbara Blackburn is an outstanding authority on raising the rigor in

the instructional program. Dr. Blackburn brings her many years in

education to provide concrete examples that educator can easily

implement in their classrooms. In addition, her books contain numerous examples of how to up the level of rigor and to provide engaging,

motivating lessons. Her presentations are stimulating, lively and relevant for the needs of today's students. I highly recommend Dr. Blackburn as a consultant, speaker, and presenter. Participants will receive invaluable resources and ideas to raise the academic achievement of all students.”

Rosie Young, Executvie Director, Kentucky Association of Elementary School Principals
Rosie hired Barbara as a educational speaker in 2010



“Barbara Blackburn presented an online meeting with educators,

hosted by Teachers.Net. The breadth of knowledge she possesses on her topic, and her willingness to share it with teachers, resulted in a very interesting and instructive session. We hope she will return for another session soon!”

Kathleen Carpenter, Editor-in-Chief, Teachers.Net Gazette (business partner)
Worked with Barbara on project



Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, On Time

“Barbara has worked with a number of the network schools and presented for several years at SREB's Annual Staff Development Conference.

Barbara is very knowledgeable about middle grades education issues, adolescent literacy and research-based instructional strategies. I have no hesitation recommending Barbara as a trainer/consultant.”

Barbara Moore
Client who hired Barbara more than once as an education consultant 



“Barbara's knowledge is massive. I will have no problem implementing her books in the development of my child and highly recommend that everyone do so."

Chad Lefler, Asst Manager, N-Shape Personal Fitness
Colleague who asked Barbara for advice with his child



“Author/Speaker Dr. Blackburn is focused on excellence. Her persistence and dedication to getting the right things done continues to impress. We worked together, virtually through e-mail and phone calls, to co-write an article. I read her book with great interest, and recommend it to ANY teachers I know and meet.”

Jason Womack, Founder, Fit and Effective Coaching Systems
A colleague who worked directly with Barbara