Participant's Comments

Barbara, our teachers at LHS didn't ask for in-service sessions until your visit. You left them begging for more! Some of our teachers went directly from your session and implemented your strategies in their classes. One of our math teachers has continued to refer to your book Classroom Instruction from A to Z in order to use more of the strategies included there. Thank you for providing us with user-friendly, common-sense approaches and strategies to help our students learn!

--Patricia Jones, Curriculum Specialist, Loris High School


I liked your enthusiasm. I sincerely hope that every teacher can be inspired by you. My measure of success as a teacher is that students leave my class feeling respected as an individual and cared for-I think your book is all about that.

--Lori Nicholson

Your entire presentation was beneficial to me. Your sense of humor only enhanced your presentation. I feel more inspired and empowered by your words. I can't wait to read your book.


Feedback from your professional development last August was very positive. What I appreciated most was your practicality and no-nonsense approach. Your love for students and passion for teaching was evident throughout. Being positive and providing realistic solutions for the classroom teacher was another strong point. Personally, I enjoyed meeting you and troubleshooting various issues.

--David Lee Dale County Schools, Alabama


I loved the session. Your enthusiasm, passion, and compassion makes me excited for the year. Plus, I loved your practical suggestions.



I heard you at both the Lexile Conference in Atlanta and the SREB in Orlando and I thought you were great. I came out of each session with my brain just churning and was also re-energized.

--James, Broome High School, Spartanburg, SC


I enjoyed this session very much. I particularly enjoyed learning about 'Fun' ways of presenting information for material I thought could not be done. I am very pleased to have your book.

--Franklin Mitchell


Dr. Blackburn has the ability to see the vision and to engage teachers in committing to accomplishing the vision. Although the process to improving instruction can be messy, Dr. Blackburn effectively collaborates with teachers to bring visions to life for all of our students.

--Olga G. Toggas, Learning Specialist Secondary English Language Arts, Horry County Schools


This is a wonderful workshop. I really learned a lot about how to motivate children, but most importantly, I learned a lot about how to motivate myself!



Thank you! This was a very enjoyable and helpful session. I had a not so great year last year. These past couple hours have renewed my hope for a much better year to come.