Does It Work?

"As a small school, it is very difficult to bring in someone of your caliber, but our Skype session allowed us to offer first class, interactive professional development at a very affordable price.  For us, this was truly a no-brainer!"

--Paul Russo, Principal, Lincolnville Central School, Maine


"The webinar on Friday once again (after the Skype) really helped all of us.  One teacher thanked me for having professional development that mattered.  What a compliment! I am hoping that we can keep the partnership going....What we are trying to accomplish here and your professional guidance is so important for our children.  Thanks for what you do!"

--Anita Muse, Principal, Langston Hughes School, Chicago


More than a Talking Head

I marvel at how you so masterfully connected being so far away.  And to think you did that blind.  You proved to me that teleconferences can be powerful - especially when the presenter is as knowledgable and dynamic as you!  One particular sentence you made turned out to very helpful and provided comfort to many... you said that the process can take 3 -5 years.  I could see, and almost feel, the teachers relax with that statement.


Debra Vollm Paradise Valley USD, Arizona

A Collaborative Partner

The Australian Council for Educational Leaders has had the welcomed privilege of collaborating with Dr Barbara Blackburn over the past few years across a variety of mediums, including ongoing webinar series, keynote presentations plus resources and article contributions to our national publications.


These continued contributions have become a welcomed staple in the professional development journey of both our members and the wider Australian Educational community to whom we engage with. This is due not only to the quality of research and instruction delivered but equally the personal connection and trust Dr Blackburn establishes with each participant across all levels of leadership.


We feel fortunate to have found a collaborative partner in Dr Blackburn who works side by side with our organisation in planning and executing her activity, always going over and above to tailor to our individual needs, understand the principals of our organisation and ultimately deliver what feels like an ongoing partnership between our two parties.


We look forward to continuing our work with Dr Blackburn in the coming years and building on this partnership to deliver professional development to the Australian educational sector”