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Learn how to adapt leadership and keep motivation alive in a remote learning setting or hybrid school. In this essential book, bestselling authors Ronald Williamson and Barbara R. Blackburn share frameworks and tools you can use to immediately make a difference in your school. You’ll learn how to:

  • Navigate the change process in remote learning
  • Maintain a collaborative remote learning school
  • Address equity issues in remote instruction
  • Communicate effectively across online platforms
  • Provide essential professional development remotely

You will gain practical strategies and tips you can implement immediately to help your school and community flourish in a remote learning environment.


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Raise the level of rigor in your school and dramatically improve student learning with the tools in this book. Each illuminating exercise is tailored to educators looking to spread the word on rigor and beat the obstacles to achieving it schoolwide. Formatted for duplication and repeated use, these tools are perfect for those who currently hold a leadership position, who aspire to a leadership role, and for those who simply are leaders within their schools or departments.

Sample tools include:

  • Assess where you are now
  • Recognize the right people
  • Evaluate and adjust curriculum
  • Design an advocacy plan
  • Ensure accountability with parents
  • Use your school's schedule to increase rigor
  • And more!

Apply the courage of principals and the energy of teacher leaders as you work to provide every student with a rigorous education. This toolkit will take you through each step of the way to improved rigor and achievement.


Review from Middleweb (1st Edition)

Book Review from School Administrator (1st Edition)
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This book provides the busiest leaders with an accessible set of tools that can immediately be deployed to positively impact their school. Authors Ronald Williamson and Barbara R. Blackburn explore the COMPASS model—Culture; Ownership and Shared Vision; Managing Data; Professional Development; Advocacy; Shared Accountability; and Structures to Sustain Success—as an overall framework for school improvement. Chapters include in-depth discussions of easy-to-implement, useful strategies for improvement and address the most common concerns facing today’s school leaders. Supplemented with templates, charts, and other adaptable tools for ongoing, practical use, 7 Strategies for Improving Your School is your key guide to school improvement.

In today’s educational climate, advocacy is a critical part of any teacher or leader’s job. Advocacy from A to Z unpacks the difficult task of understanding the movers and shakers—including teachers, parents, the union, legislatures, and policy makers—that impact your school, affect your students, and shape policy. Organized into 26 chapters—one for each letter of the alphabet—this book provides school-based examples and specific strategies needed to be a successful advocate for education. Advocacy begins at the local level, and the newest book in the A to Z series helps educational leaders navigate, plan, and shape their message to the right people at the right time. Now you can find your voice and become an active advocate to help your students succeed. (As a bonus, Barbara wrote this book with her Dad!!)


Review from Middleweb

Like the other books in the A-Z series, this book provides practical tools and activities that can be used immediately to improve your practice. This guide offers specific strategies that will help you become a more effective principal. There are 26 chapters in this book, one for each letter of the alphabet.



Topics include motivating teachers, hiring and firing teachers, observations and evaluations, using social media, connecting with parents and families, scheduling, and leading for the future.



Turn your school into a student-centered learning environment, where rigor is at the heart of instruction in every classroom. From the bestselling author of Rigor is Not a Four-Letter Word, Barbara Blackburn, and award-winning educator Ronald Williamson, this comprehensive guide to establishing a schoolwide culture of rigor is for principals and other administrators who want to create the conditions in which rigorous classrooms flourish.

School leaders will learn to:

  • Manage a movement toward increased schoolwide rigor
  • Engage teachers in conversations about improving instruction
  • Build support for rigor among families and community members
  • Learn methods for gathering meaningful data on student learning
  • And much more!

With practical, ready-to-apply strategies, this book outlines and simplifies the steps toward achieving rigor at the school level. It represents a successful program that principals and administrators can use to put student learning first!