Melissa Miles, M.Ed.

Co-author of the upcoming books, Rigor in the K-5 Language Arts and Social Studies Classroom and Rigor in the 6-12 Language Arts and Social Studies Classroom, Melissa Miles is currently back in the classroom teaching middle school Language Arts. Previously, she was the Director of Educational Resources at a K-8 school in Charlotte, NC, where she served as supervisor to tutors, coordinator of resources for students with special needs, curriculum and pacing guide developer, and a resource leader for faculty.   She has eighteen years of classroom teaching experience in grades 5-8.    Melissa holds an undergraduate degree in Middle Level Education with a concentration in English and also holds a Master’s degree in Middle Level Education with a concentration in Language Arts.  She is also credentialed as a National Board-Certified teacher for young adolescents, works as a SpringBoard Curriculum consultant to College Board, and is a certified member of the site visitation team for the “Schools to Watch” award.   Melissa served as Dr. Blackburn’s editorial and research assistant for Classroom Motivation from A to Z, Classroom Instruction from A to Z, Literacy from A to Z, and Rigor is Not a Four-Letter Word.  Her workshops are filled with humor, practical content, and a focus on student ownership of learning. 


Rigor is NOT a Four-Letter Word was an exemplary workshop for my staff!  Mrs. Missy Miles delivered a relevant and empowering approach to instruction which could be used the very next day in the classroom.  Our faculty and staff used the toolkit provided as a means to acclerate and strengthen rigorous instruction, which in turn, will build student and teacher performance.

--Dr. Queesha Tillman, Principal Intern

Cliffdale Elementary School,


I just wanted to thank you for making the reading workshop so helpful for me and my subject area. I know that it is sometimes difficult to integrate the math into reading strategies discussions, but you did a great job offering ways to incorporate creative ideas for helping the students when it comes to reading text as well as understanding material. I have tried a few of the techniques you showcased and am happy with the reaction from the students. I will use Cornell notes next year as well as some of the more recent ideas  (6 on a line, and No You Can’t Take Me will be great). Thank you again for all your guidance and support. It was such a useful workshop for me."


Sherri, Workshop Participant


Great communication of both positive things and things that everyone can improve struck a nice balance between those two areas. i really liked how you reminded everyone to engage the students in their own learning, wherein they are facilitators, not "doers" for their students. The examples you cited were very instructive.  You continue to amaze me with your initiative, interest, and creativity.


-Margaret, Workshop Participant


Challenging All Students Rigorous Tasks and Assessments
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