Customizable Topics Include:

Rigorous Schools and Classrooms: Leading the Way

No matter the issue you are addressing in your school or district, there can be obstacles and challenges.   This session provides a set of practical tools customized to the specific needs of your school or district.  Examples include creating a culture for improvement, building shared ownership, addressing stakeholders’ needs, advocacy, shared accountability, and structures for success.  Audience: School-based Leaders, District Leaders, all grade levels.


Thank you for the leadership session today; very inspiring and very applicable.  First task tomorrow is to print an image of bifocals for my wall to remind me to look through the lens of a student and then a teacher! 


Keren Barro, Victoria, Australia


Dr. Blackburn’s work with my middle school principals around rigor has sharpened their skills to evaluate student and teacher documents and how-to response to the data as an instructional leader-all in a context of fun and fully engaging activities that stimulate a principal’s creative thoughts and critical thinking skills. Dr. Blackburn’s practitioner’s approach to professional develop with principals evokes a “we’re in this together” atmosphere that aligns well with our focus on professional learning communities.


 Greg Benton, Executive Officer, Middle Schools, Henry County Schools, Georgia


A Toolkit for Leaders:  Progress for School Reform

Truly making progress in school reform requires a comprehensive approach.  This session guides leaders through strategies that adress each area that impacts progress, using the COMPASS model:


  • C--Culture of your School
  • O--Ownership and Shared Vision
  • M--Managing Data
  • P--Professional Development
  • A--Advocacy
  • S--Shared Accountability
  • S--Structures to Support Success


Customized Strategic Planning, Coaching, and Evaluation Services

Dr. Blackburn and her team also provide customized sessions for leaders.  Beginning with a needs assessment, the team coordinates with you to develop a strategic plan, implementing, monitoring, and adjusting your plan, and recommending future steps. All leadership support options include written recommendations for change.  Additional options include

  • Assessments of Instruction, which can include reviews of assignments and assessments, on-site walkthroughs and observations, or other specialized choices.
  • School Rigor Assessments, which include a comprehensive perspective of strengths and challenges within your schoool.



The Australian Council for Educational Leaders has had the welcomed privilege of collaborating with Dr Barbara Blackburn over the past few years across a variety of mediums, including ongoing webinar series, keynote presentations plus resources and article contributions to our national publications.


These continued contributions have become a welcomed staple in the professional development journey of both our members and the wider Australian Educational community to whom we engage with. This is due not only to the quality of research and instruction delivered but equally the personal connection and trust Dr Blackburn establishes with each participant across all levels of leadership.


We feel fortunate to have found a collaborative partner in Dr Blackburn who works side by side with our organisation in planning and executing her activity, always going over and above to tailor to our individual needs, understand the principals of our organisation and ultimately deliver what feels like an ongoing partnership between our two parties.


We look forward to continuing our work with Dr Blackburn in the coming years and building on this partnership to deliver professional development to the Australian educational sector”