Format Options

  • Skype, Zoom, or video conferencing provides options for keynotes, small group conferencing with teachers from a grade level, subject area, or focus topic.  Barbara has presented interactive sessions ranging from 1-4 hours. 
  • Live sessions are also perfect for leaders or leadership teams for planning sessions, coaching, or ongoing sessions for monitoring and adjustment of staff development.  
  • Focused webinars can serve as an introduction to concepts such as rigor, rigor and remote learning,  or motivation and student engagement.  Appropriate for teachers, leaders, or a mixed group.
  • Follow-up live and on-demand webinars are customized to the needs of the school or district. 
  • Webinar series presented over the course of a year allow for an ongoing focus on an issue or challenges.
  • Author chats provide options for additional information or question and answer sessions. 
  • Another option is online facilitation of book studies.

Possible Topics

All professional development is customized to your needs.  These topics provide a starting point.

  • Rigor in the Remote Learning Classroom
  • Rigor is NOT a Four Letter Word
  • Differentiation in the Rigorous Classroom
  • Rigorous Assessments
  • Motivating Struggling Learners;  Straategies for Success
  • Rigor Made Easy (with focus areas of either math, science, language arts, or social studies for the grade span of your choice)
  • Rigorous Strategies for the MTSS/RTI Classroom
  • Rigorous Schools and Classrooms
  • Seven Strategies for School Improvement