Are you looking to improve growth in student learning? Learn how to partner with Dr. Blackburn to increase the rigor of your instruction!

My newest book, the second edition of Rigor for Students with Special Needs is out!!!

Improving Rigor and Student Motivation

Which of these challenges do you face?

  • Students who are not motivated to learn
  • Instruction and assessment that is not rigorous
  • Lack of high expectations by teachers and/or leaders
  • Support and scaffolding for struggling learners
  • Balancing rigor with differentiation
  • Need for strategies to help leaders effect school change
  • Desire for engaging, evidence-based instructional strategies


If you answer yes to any of those challenges, Barbara Blackburn, Ph.D. can help.  Through her engaging, practical, and interactive on-site and technology-based professional development, she partners with your teachers and leaders to implement strategies to accomplish your goals. A Top 30 Global Guru in Education, her recommendations are based on over 30 years of experience in education, her over 25 books for teachers and leaders, and her work as an international speaker.

Fabulous speaker with such enthusiasm and zest for continued learning.  The resources and learning materials are greatly appreciated and welcomed.  Thoroughly enjoyed my time with her! 


Sarah Cameron

Mooroopna Secondary College,

Victoria, Australia


As we rolled out and implemented our Rigor initiative, Dr. Blackburn was an integral part of the process.  She worked with administrators, teachers and support personnel to ensure that we were on track and raising expectations for all.  She provided high-quality, rigorous professional development opportunities in person and via Skype.  When Dr. Blackburn is here, you can feel the energy and enthusiasm!!  I have never had such positive feedback following in-service days as when Dr. Blackburn was in district.  She has been a true partner and colleague.  Thank you!!


Cheryl A. Clarke, Superintendent

Monson Public Schools, Massachusetts