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One of the many qualities that differentiates school administrators is they must both lead and learn. Learning without leadership ends in a sea of knowledge; leadership without learning ends in everyone but the leader knowing the boat is sinking.


Barbara has been a school leader as well as a teacher. She understands the balance of various points of view as well as the skills it takes to motivate everyone in a school to move past the challenges to success.  These resources throughout the website are meant to offer you the tools to achieve just that--success!  There are over 100 resources you canuse with teachers, ranging from podcasts, radio shows, activity templates that are book downloads, white papers, and articles.


For you convenience, leadership resources are located in this section.  You'll see a podcast at the bottom of the page, leadership books linked to the left, and leadership articles linked on the left. 


Practical, usable ideas that will promote positive culture and rigour within our school.--Principal, Victoria, Australia

Professional Development

Barbara  regularly partners with schools and districts to provide professional development and support for school improvement.  Options include on-site interactive workshops, train-the-trainer models, leadership coaching, providing expert assessments of rigorous instruction and assignments, and technology-based training and support.  For more information, click here.


Thank you so much for a fabulous workshop at the Victorian Principals Conference last week.  The workshop was very informative and full of useful strategies that can be easily implemented in the classroom to create rigour. Much appreciated!


Susan Coffey, Junior Campus  Principal, Traralgon College, Australia



We love Barbara.  She is an energetic and engaging presenter who always makes learning about rigor practical for both teachers and administrators. Educators love the fact that in her presentations she models the strategies that teachers can implement "the next day" to raise the rigor and engagement for their students.


Robin Champagne, Ed.D., Secondary Leadership, Killeen ISD, Texas


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