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One of the many qualities that differentiate school administrators is they must both lead and learn. Learning without leadership ends in a sea of knowledge; leadership without learning ends in everyone but the leader knowing the boat is sinking.


Barbara has been a school leader as well as a teacher. She understands the balance of various points of view as well as the skills it takes to motivate everyone in a school to move past the challenges to success.  These resources are meant to offer you the tools to achieve just that--success!


Articles will provide insight on timely topics designed for school principals and district leaders. A dozen articles specifically written for leaders on a variety of leadership topics.


Barbara' leadership Book List makes it easy to review the books aimed specifically at helping you reach your goals. Barbara's books for teachers recommend classroom-based changes; her leadership books walk you through strategies for effective school-wide change.


Templates are pulled from Barbara's books and are free to download.  You'll find reproducible self-assessment guides, action plans, rubrics, observation forms, recognition certificates, and professional development tools...just to start!


Podcasts give you short insights into topics such as rigor, the Common Core State Standards, and leadership tools. Five Leadership Tools is found at the bottom of this page for your convenience.


White Papers are Barbara's academic review of issues you are facing in today's educational climate.


Professional Development will give you a chance to see what training Barbara can bring to your school or district.  You'll see multiple delivery platforms any budget.  All are proven to be highly interactive with plenty of quotes from delighted clients. 


Videos  are available of a variety of topics including rigor, motivation, and the Common Core State Standards. You'll see that there are practical strategies to put in place today for a dramatic positive impact for your school tomorrow. As a sample, check out Rigor for Leaders below.



Rigor for Leaders

Five Leadership Tools (Podcast)

 Barbara Blackburn provides five leadership tools and strategies that can be used immediately to improve your practice and help you become a more effective school leader in this segment. Dr. Blackburn’s ideas are easily executable and based on decades of experience as an educator, professor, and consultant. Among her many books, she is the co-author of The Principalship from A-to-Z. Leadership Tools covered in this segment: Name It, Claim It and Explain It; Getting Input From Stakeholders; Vision Letters; Learning Walks With a Twist; and You Really Are An Advocate.

Provided by the educational website School Leadership


Five Leadership Tools for Increasing Rigor


How can school leaders make higher expectations for all students a reality? It begins with making the classroom a far more rigorous place. Barbara Blackburn, an authority on rigor, joins us to provide her insights into the topic this month. Dr. Blackburn is the author of numerous books, including Rigor in Your School: A Toolkit for Leaders, and in this segment she discusses five specific tools that principals can focus on to increase rigor in the classroom. Provided by the educational website School Leadership